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  • DAB Module

    GROM Audio enters a new territory with its HDR1, DAB Radio dongle, adding DAB Radio to over 30 car makes.

    HDR1 is an upgrade for the current models of USB3, MST4, IPD4, BT3, and some previous models of GROM car kits. It delivers the ultimate DAB Radio experience with clear static-free audio from your favourite FM stations.

    The GROM-HDR1 plugs into the extension port of select GROM car-integration kits to extend their features with DAB Radio Technology.

    Currently available in the USA on HD radio. Beta testing revised firmware for UK/EU markets - expected soon!

  • VLine - Car Infotainment upgrade

    What is VLine?

    VLine represents GROM's most exciting new idea and innovative opportunity for car owners who want more from their outdated built in GPS and/or infotainment system.

    VLine plug & play kit offers the latest features available in new without having to remove or replace any OEM parts. You can upgrade your GPS/infotainment system’s ability to get things done: look up local restaurants, make an online reservation, and get turn-by-turn directions on how to get there. In addition, VLine offers built in driver assistance technology such as modern GPS, OBDII music streaming/hands-free calling, internet access and the automotive grade apps. Along with adding many of the additional fea-tures that make this an exciting time for this technology, VLine ensures that all the features and apps can be accessed safely through safe-driving innovations like voice-activation commands or hand-gesture commands.

    When this device is fully installed and used along with apps like Apple CarPlay or Androird Auto, owners can upgrade their car with the latest and best car infotainment advancement.

    More Information - http://gromaudio.com/vline/

  • New Android app DashLinq released

    DashLinQ is designed to use while driving. You will be able to use Voice Activation Controls within DashLinQ instead of your hands. Through DashLinQ you can perform key actions quickly and with minimum distraction:

    • Activate and use GPS navigation
    • Quick Dial or answer important phone calls
    • Read then respond (coming soon) to text messages (SMS)
    • Open your Smartphone apps
    • Listen to your music with TuneIn, Google, Spotify and Local music integrated

    For more information, please visit DashLinQ page and watch  DashLinQ demo video on GROM YouTube channel. Join DashLinQ Google+ community to learn more, participate in the beta-testing, discussions, provide feedback, and stay on top of the updates.

  • GROM Audio releases new version of its classic Auxiliary and iPhone Car Kit - GROM-IPD4

    GROM Audio is proud to announce the release of the GROM-IPD4 car kit, a new vision of one of its classic car kits - the GROM-IDP3. 

    GROM-IDP4 features full USB port integration for Android phones and iPhones via USB cables. USB offers a high quality sound, along with stereo assimilation. The user can control hand-held devices through car-stereo equipment and have all information available from mobile device displayed through car stereo console. 

    AALinQ Android music app from GROM compliments the GROM-IPD4 kit, and allows the integration of local and Google cloud music to the car factory stereo. 

    GROM-IDP4 additionally offers 2 extension ports for the Bluetooth Dongle and AUX-in 3.5mm phone jack connection. 

    Bluetooth Dongle makes it possible to use a Bluetooth connection to connect and operate the smartphone via its wireless antenna. This allows for wireless music streaming (A2DP) and integrated car stereo controls (AVRSP) as well as the hands-free phone calls (HFP) with the voice activation feature. GROM Bluetooth Dongle allows for turn-by-turn GPS navigation to be transmitted wireless via car factory stereo. 

    "Our classic IDP3 car kit, with its quality auxiliary connection at an affordable price, was a favorite purchase choice for many of our customers," a GROM Audio sales associate mentioned, "The new IPD4 will offer those same qualities, along with Bluetooth and USB connectivity features. This a really exciting next step for us at GROM Audio!" 

     The GROM-IPD4 car kit compatible with more than 30 car makes. The full compatibility list is available at GROM Audio website. 

  • GROM Audio released products compatible with Apple's new iPhone 6

    GROM Audio is excited to announce our new and improved audio adapter, the GROM-USB3.

    Our upgrade from USB2P, this new audio adapter has all the same features, with even better seamless integration and more compatibility!

    With the release of Apple's new iPhone 6, early adopters are already looking for equipment to integrate with their new phone. The highly anticipated Apple release has been at the forefront of the technology industry for months and GROM has developed an adapter that will can integrate with the latest features the iPhone 6 creates.

    Like the USB2P, the new USB3 delivers crystal clear sound quality through its seamless direct-connection. Apple users can now use the Apple USB cable to effortlessly connect their smartphone to their factory car stereo through their GROM adapter. Giving drivers connected-car features without the connected-car price tag, GROM continually delivers aftermarket solutions that allow drivers to utilize the most up-to-date technology while on-the-go!

  • GROM Launches GROM-MST3P Adapter Kit, Developed for AUDI with MMI 2G Systems


    GROM Audio UK is proud to announce our new mobile electronics car integration kit, the GROM-MST3P-AUDO Adapter for select AUDI®. The MMI 2G supported car kit is designed to integrate with advanced Multimedia Oriented System Transport (M.O.S.T)® technology in Audi cars, offering integration solutions for Android® phone, iPod® and iPhone®, USB mass storage device, and car Bluetooth® hands free.

    Based on the highly advanced M.O.S.T technology, the GROM-MST3P for Audi offers complete integration to factory car stereos through steering wheel button control, radio keypad control and Audi MMI 2G system. GROM’s integration with the Audi MMI operating system will allow drivers to manage an array of systems including navigation, in-car music and hands-free-calling.


    GROM-MST3P adapter for Audi with MMI 2G



    The GROM car kits integrate with more than 30 factory stereos and add Bluetooth streaming and in-car hands-free communication, Android phone integration, iPod/iPhone/iPod car connection, and USB ports. Upon installation, users have the ability to connect many mobile devices to their car stereo through the wires provided or wireless via Bluetooth. These easy-to-install car kits are designed to provide endless integration possibilities, the convenience of phone-to-car connection, and safety of car hands-free communication.

    In addition, GROM-MST3 PLUS offers powerful memory and chip with the ability to support advanced audio formats including FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and others.

    With the GROM-MST3P adapter drivers can utilize GROM's Bluetooth functions, which not only reduce noise and eliminate echo, but also produce high-quality sound for music streaming and phone calls. Additionally, GROM-MST3P allows the unique Android integration, giving AUDI drivers who are also Android phone users, the ability to connect and integrate their Smartphones to their car easily.

    GROM continues to design and manufacture aftermarket car audio kits for different car makes and now with AUDI MMI 2G system integration, the company is predicting an even more positive response from drivers. "Drivers will enjoy seamless integration of their mobile electronics to Audi stereos," company spokesperson.

    With the integration of GROM-MST3P, drivers will benefit from the safety of Bluetooth hands-free calling, the ability to charge, play and control their devices (both Apple and Android) through their steering wheel or stereo buttons. Most Android phones are compatible, including Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Google Nexus, and others.

    GROM-MST3P kit supports Audi A4 2007-2009, Audi A6 2005-2008, Audi A8 2002-2008, Audi Q7 2006-2009, and Audi A5 2007-2008.

  • GROM-BT3 Integration kit released

    GROM Audio releases GROM-BT3 system that provides Bluetooth wireless media streaming and hands-free communication technology for factory car stereos.

    GROM-BT3 provides Bluetooth functionality to the factory car stereos that are not equipped with the OEM Bluetooth systems. Connected directly to the factory stereos, the kit makes Bluetooth fully integrated to the excisting car stereo system. GROM-BT3 allows for in-car Bluetooth hands free calls (HFP), wireless audio streaming from the phone to the factory car stereo (A2DP), and audio remote control from car stereo buttons (AVRCP).


    The system comes with additional features such as AUX-in 3.5mm audio, and direct connection to iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

    "GROM-BT3 can help drivers safety on the road through the hands-free calling feature. Having a hands-free Bluetooth kit gives more security when using your mobile devices while on the go,"-the company source.

    The GROM-BT3 can be controlled via steering wheel or radio buttons and users can connect any mobile devices to the car stereo through wires or wirelessly.

    The module will automatically set the right channel to play on most connected devices. The media streaming options include many mobile applications, including Pandora, YouTube, Tune-In. The interface offers additional features such as in-car voice operated turn-by-turn GPS navigation. The voice can be played through the car stereo system over Bluetooth wireless connection, or wired auxiliary connection.

    The GROM-BT3 has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, and comes with a microphone for full integration in the car. It also includes car specific data harness to connect to the extension port of the factory car stereo.

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