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What is VLine?

VLine represents GROM's most exciting new idea and innovative opportunity for car owners who want more from their outdated built in GPS and/or infotainment system.

VLine plug & play kit offers the latest features available in new car infotainment without having to remove or replace any OEM parts. You can upgrade your GPS/infotainment system’s ability to get things done: look up local restaurants, make an online reservation, and get turn-by-turn directions on how to get there. In addition, VLine offers built in driver assistance technology such as modern GPS, OBDII music streaming/hands-free calling, internet access and the automotive grade apps. Along with adding many of the additional fea-tures that make this an exciting time for this technology, VLine ensures that all the features and apps can be accessed safely through safe-driving innovations like voice-activation commands or hand-gesture commands.

When this device is fully installed and used along with apps like Apple CarPlay or Androird Auto, owners can upgrade their car with the latest and best car infotainment advancement.

More Information - http://gromaudio.com/vline/ 

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